Ironware Maintenance

To keep ironware fully functional, the maintenance operations listed below should be carried out at least once a year.

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Manutenzione Ferramenta - Serramenti Pisetta

Window IDEA is equipped with SIEGENIA ironware.

For a proper functioning of the window, the following operations must be carried out:

  • Lubricate or grease all the movable accessories and the locks.
  • Use acid- and resin-free greases or oils exclusively.
  • Make sure that the components influencing safety are well fastened and not worn out. If necessary, have the fastening screws tightened and/or the worn-out components replaced.
  • If these hardware components in your window are not equipped with small lids, make sure that the upper pivot has been inserted from below up to the cut-off spring.
  • To clean the window, exclusively use neutral-pH, diluted mild detergents. Never use aggressive or abrasive detergents containing acids, since they might damage the hardware’s anti-corrosive barrier.

Furthermore, we recommend adopting the following preventive measure to preserve finishes:

  • After cleaning, treat the ironware surface with a silicon- and acid-free grease, such as the grease used for sewing machines.

Warning! The following operations can only be carried out by door and window fitters:

  • replacement of ironware components (mounting and dismounting of shutters )
  • operations related to ironware adjustment, especially hinges, corner brackets, window scissors.

If you want to paint or treat the window, do not paint hardware components.

Paint Maintenance

The maintenance operations required by a paint applied on a wooden item are essentially four.

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Manutenzione Vernici - Serramenti Pisetta


This operation is very important. External surfaces of wooden items should be cleaned every six months, or at least once a year, using EM 10071 DETERGENTE NEUTRO by VERNICI EGIDIO MILESI. Avoid detergents containing alcohol and ammonia, as they would damage the surface.
Periodic refurbishment allows the paint film to last longer.

Periodic Refurbishment

This operation allows paint to last considerably longer, thus postponing the time for restoration. Carrying out periodic refurbishment every 12 months will keep frames in mint condition.

After carefully cleaning the window (see “Cleaning” section), apply fabric EM 2400 AQUATOP, an avant-garde product which restores the frame to its brightness and brings the film back to its original state. This product is recommended for both transparent and lacquered finishes. Fabric AQUATOP must be applied with a soft cloth; it dries quickly and leaves no marks or unpleasant odours. When applied on lacquered surfaces, it prevents the colour of the paint film from fading.

Only a meticulous execution of the maintenance operations described above will allow you to avoid more radical operations, such as repair and restoration (see below). Therefore, periodic cleaning and refurbishment are strongly recommended.


This operation should be carried out when the paint has become rough to the touch, losing firmness and brightness.

Please follow the procedure below:

  • Clean surfaces with EM 10071 or with water and neutral soap.
  • Sandpaper surfaces with 280 grit sandpaper. Do not rub too much on edges, as this might remove the colour. The surface will look matt and even.
  • Carefully remove the dust.
  • Apply with a brush IWT 2811 AQUATOP in the shade “larch” or IWT 2812 in the shade “walnut”, depending on the frame’s original colouring. After 3 hours, the paint will be dry to the touch; after 24 hours it will have dried completely.

Avoid painting in the sun and when the temperature falls below 10°C. Do not apply paint on rubber gaskets. After this operation, carry out periodic refurbishment yearly.


This operation should be carried out when the paint has become very matt and shows cracks.

Please follow the procedure below:

  • Sandpaper the damaged surfaces with 120 grit sandpaper. Completely remove all the chipped-away surface and those paint areas whose anchorage is not perfect.
  • Apply a water- or solvent-based wood impregnating solution on those areas where the wood surface has emerged. Always choose a slightly lighter shade than the original, as wood, damaged by UV rays and bad weather tends to absorb more colour, and the window frame might assume a too dark shade. Do not apply the impregnating solution on those areas still covered with paint, as this might jeopardise the adhesion of the following layers of water paint.
  • After the solution has dried properly, apply a coat of TWE 295 AQUALOID, in order to create a thin bottom layer; wait for at least 4 hours; sandpaper the whole window with grit 220 sandpaper and remove the dust.
  • Apply a second coat of TWE 295 and wait for 4 hours.
  • Apply a third coat of TWE 295. After 24 hours windows can be refitted.

Avoid painting in the sun and when the temperature falls below 10°C. Do not apply paint on rubber gaskets. After this operation, carry out periodic refurbishment yearly.