Serramenti Pisetta produces four types of window fixtures to meet all the requirements required by the various climatic zones.

  • Idealux-flip

    Idea Lux

    It’s the window that changes its face and becomes a piece of furniture design. Idea Lux is modular as it consists of the combination of aluminum and wood essences.

    It is coplanar and it leaves space for Venetian blinds and curtains in it.

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  • Ideanew

    IDEA 85

    The versatile window frame with the external profile in wood or aluminum is suitable for all types required.

    IDEA 85 can be placed in Passivhaus and Arca certified buildings. It also complies with acoustic standards for redevelopment of buildings in front of airports and noisy areas.

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  • IdeaExtrema inv


    Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation with the chance to install double curtains inside.

    Thanks to its extreme performances and a thickness of 109 mm, it is suitable for buildings with high energy efficiency.

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  • pisetta_azienda45737

    Sliding french doors

    More natural light for your room, our sliding French doors allow you to achieve high performance in terms of thermal transmittance Uw and acoustic abatement Rw, without neglecting the aesthetic appearance.

    Sliding doors have never been so beautiful

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